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Here follows the account of the true heirs of Durin, Lord of the great hall Khazad-dum, eldest of the dwarven fathers and leader of the Longbeards. Let it be recorded that the true linage of the eldest of our kind is not he who sits upon the throne of Khazad-dum. There is another of older blood that was born to Ghona first queen of the mountain and true heir and rightful king of the...

- Fragment of First Age text found by Alltyne of the Forgotten Lore Society

Welcome fellow scholars and adventures to the Forgotten Lore Society! As a member of our order you will be part of discovering history and knowledge that has been lost for many thousands of years. As a member of the Forgotten Lore Society it is your duty to find these secrets and share them to the Free People so that it may aid us all in the dark times ahead. Many of our order have already discovered that the legends of our people are not merely tales told to frighten children. Evil lurks in the dark places of this world and our brothers and sisters will be there to aid each other as they search for that which has been long forgotten.

The Forgotten Lore Society was founded by a group of friends and longtime gamers who enjoy many of the social aspects of MMOs. We are not die hard gamers, power levelers, raid Nazis or anything of the like. We are simply a group of people who enjoy playing online games with each other. Our primary goal is to have fun and help each other out. All of us have real lives with jobs, husbands, wives, children and pets... We aren't trying to turn LotRO into another job or something that takes up too much of our time. We play this game because it is fun and we enjoy it. Not to become the greatest kinship on our server.

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Alltyne, Mar 9, 12 7:02 AM.
The site is currently under construction but with any luck things will start coming together really soon.!
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